mahal-torresMahal Torres, also known as “Mahalo” to his friends, is an accomplished Web Manager and IT professional with over 25 years of technology experience in web product management, web marketing, channel, sales support, operations, training, development, e-learning, social media, information architecture, IT management, infrastructure, VOIP, networking,telecommunications and technical support.

Currently a Jive Community Champion and Group Chair/Leader of the Jive Bay Area User Group. Also a recognized leader in online Community Collaboration platforms, Intranets, Portals, Crowdsourcing, Ideation and Gamification.

I have a passion for social media, collaboration, data analytics, multimedia and staying current on the latest web technologies.








  • 15 years of database, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, web development and web design
  • 8 years of developing social business solutions 
  • 15 years of networking
  • 3 years of Gamification
  • 3 years of Ideation
  • 20 years of Data Analytics experience




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