Gamification – Not just a game but a movement

Last week we deployed Gamification at the Cisco Learning Network under the name Achievement Center and I encourage everyone to check this out. Under the hood, it runs on Bunchball’s Gamification module that also runs on top of the Jive Social Business platform. Both platforms are their respective leader in the industry, Jive being the leader in Social Business Software and Bunchball being the industry leader for Gamification.

What is Gamification? First of all, it is not pronounced Gamma-fa-cation which would lead someone to believe it has something to do with the Incredible Hulk. Pronounced Game-if-acation, it is the act of giving a social website a more  game like experience.

One of the biggest challenges of social community websites is getting community members to engage. Gamification allows you to create challenges for your community members that directly relate to whatever you are trying to promote. The main components consist of Levels and Missions, where people earn badges for getting to the next level or for completing these missions. It is an ideal way to engage with Generation X and Generation Y members who all grew up with video games and almost expect these type of features within a community.

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