What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System that allows the owner of a Web Site to have an easy way to update the content on a website without requiring any programming knowledge. In order to setup a CMS, you must have a few things in place as well as the knowledge to setup and manage these things:

  1. Have a Web Host
  2. Create a database on a Web Server
  3. Have a domian (www.yourdomainname.com)
  4. Upload a website software platform to your web server or advanced programming knowledge to create your own
  5. Knowledge of HTML and the programming language for your CMS in order to Customize the site

WordPress is the most popular CMS and is a Blogging platform with a large user and development community. The benefit of a larger community is that many Plugins, Themes and Extensions are built for the application and bugs are worked out quickly making it a more stable platform.

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